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Local Group Walks to Fight Seasonal Depression

Annacaroline Caruso/WVPE News

An estimated 6 percent of Americans suffer from Seasonal Depression according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Some people in Elkhart attempted to combat the symptoms with a walk through the botanic gardens Wednesday morning.

For most people, the snow and cold weather are enough to keep them indoors. But for Melissa Kinsey, this weather has the opposite effect.

Kinsey is leading some women on something she calls a “Winter Wellness Walk.” Her goal is to help people deal with stress and seasonal depression by getting outside, regardless of the weather.

“I moved here many years ago from colorado where outdoor activities are the norm. When I moved to Northern Indiana, I really recognized the difference in the activity level of people.”

Kinsey said staying indoors can make depression symptoms worse because of the lack of sunlight and human interaction. She said that's where the group walks can help.

“Fresh air is a great vitamin. The evidence shows that it makes a huge difference.”

The group walks take place on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesday of every month at noon at the Wellfield Botanic Gardens, rain or shine.

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