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Educators gearing up for new middle school civics course

Becca Costello
A new middle school civics course will be required for Indiana students.

A new middle school civics course will be required for Indiana students.

The Indiana Bar Foundation advocated for the requirement during the 2022 legislative session, and the State Board of Education approved the curriculum in June.

Tim Kalgreen, director of civic education for the foundation, said they are currently implementing assessment strategies to help students and teachers with the curriculum.

“We are building out lesson plans to help the teachers, we are working to add professional development opportunities. We are looking to make sure that teachers feel comfortable and competent teaching the content as well as the students being able to showcase their knowledge and understanding about it,” Kalgreen said.

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Middle school students will be required to take the one-semester civics course before starting high school.

Kalgreen said teachers are interested in learning the content.

“So currently in sixth grade, it’s not focused on American history, American civics,” Kalgreen said. “So current sixth grade teachers are really looking for how do we get some knowledge and some content, understanding, to be able to relay that to the students.”

The course will likely start in the second semester of the 2023-24 school year.

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