St. Joseph Hosts Workshops to Help Tackle Rising Lake Levels

Oct 27, 2017


We’ve heard about rising sea levels, but rising Lake Levels?

Concerns regarding lake water levels and coastal erosion in Lake Michigan is rising. Experts at “Coastal Resiliency” workshops in St. Joseph, Michigan are sharing their concerns with a series of “Coastal Resiliency” workshops. These workshops aim to help community members and elected officials in Berrien, Cass and Van Buren counties learn how to address issues that may arise from rising lake levels.

Director of Central Michigan University’s Institute for Great Lakes Research Don Uzarski said changes in water levels of the Great Lakes are normal, but because of warmer weather, experts are starting to see more evaporation.

“With respect to water quality issues, as climate continues to warm up, we’re seeing huge storm events,” Uzarski said.

Uzarski said these storm surges could also cause problems related to runoff, including pollutants and toxicants that are washed by rain into water bodies, including the lakes.

“We’re seeing changes in evaporation due to climate change, and essentially, the water levels are being controlled by how much water is evaporating,” he said.  

Runoff also has an effect on lake levels.

Two more “Coastal Resiliency” workshops are scheduled for November first and fifteenth in St. Joseph City Hall from 6-7:30 P.M.