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New Memory Care Center Opens in Elkhart

Jennifer Weingart
WVPE Public Radio


A new addition to the Hubbard Hill Living Wisdom Community in Elkhart,is a unique take on a village meant to help those in the midst of dementia who’ve lost their independence to live more freely.

The Center for Dementia Care modeled after a neighborhood. There are four houses in common local architecture styles; a tudor, a colonial, a craftsman, and a farmhouse. There are nine apartments in each house with 24-7 access to a central atrium.

Debbie Carriveau is the executive director for the community. She said people think losing memory is the worst part of dementia, but the center is built to help with other struggles.

“In reality it’s about the social isolation and the disconnect that happens, the way that people write people off that have dementia who think they don’t have any value or purpose anymore and this really is about creating an environment where people can live purposefully.”

There are patio spaces, a garden area, and a local dealership is donating a classic car that residents will be able to tinker with. Inside, each home has common areas and a kitchen that residents will have access to as well.


“There are a lot of limitations put on them about where they can go and what they can do without escort," Carriveau said. "And people are going ‘get away from that door, you can’t go out there,’ you know, that kind of thing. So we really created an environment where they have free access 24/7 to an outdoor area that’s sheltered.”

Patrick Pingel is the CEO of Hubbard Hill. He said the other goal is to provide a resource for other care centers and home caregivers.

“The other part of this that we really want to be clear about is that we want to be a center for excellence, of support, and research. We’re collaborating with other people, to talk about ways we can help people whatever setting they’re in.”

Residents will begin moving in to the center next week.