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Freeze to Kill EEE Mosquitoes Expected at End of October

Rick Bowmer/AP Photo/File


It’s likely going to be a few more weeks before it gets cold enough in Michiana to kill all the mosquitoes. That’s more important this fall with the cases of a deadly mosquito-borne virus. 

Health officials and residents are waiting for the temperature to drop low enough to kill mosquitoes that could be carrying Eastern Equine Encephalitis. 

Meteorologist Mark Steinwedel said that ‘killing freeze’ is expected later this month. “The pattern coming up between October 24th and the 30th looks to feature below normal temperatures with several shots at some colder air.”

The term ‘killing freeze’ usually refers to temperatures low enough to kill any crops still in the field, right around 30 degrees fahrenheit. 

Steinwedel said the average date for those temperatures is October 22nd, so the freeze is a bit late this year.

Health officials say people should take precautions against mosquito exposure until after the freeze. Triple-E has been confirmed in 10 Michigan residents, five have died. Three cases and one death have been reported in Indiana.


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