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Purdue University highlights a push to bring Ukrainian scholars to campus

Ben Thorp
Students held a march in support of Ukraine earlier this year. Now the university is bringing Ukrainian scholars to campus

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels highlighted the university’s efforts to bring Ukrainian scholars to campus during a faculty senate meeting on Monday.

Roughly eight weeks into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Purdue says it has brought 11 faculty to campus - with an additional 15 scholars under review.

During his speech before the senate, Daniels said the hope is that Ukrainian scholars will be brought to campus only temporarily.

“Anything we can all think of together to do to put our arms around these people and let them know they have a home here as long as they need it would serve us all well,” he said.

The program hosts Ukrainian scholars, giving them the option to continue their current research at Purdue while the university covers travel costs and visa expenses during their time in West Lafayette.

Scholars will also be assigned a tenure track Purdue professor in their subject area to serve as a mentor and advisor.

“We all hope earnestly the situation in Ukraine will resolve itself peacefully but right now that seems highly doubtful,” Daniels said. “If we can provide a place of refuge and a place where these folks can continue their scholarship I think I’m on firm ground in saying there is consensus on the campus that that’s a good thing to do.”

Ukrainian scholars aren’t expected to arrive to campus until late spring or early summer.

The program is expected to last for one year, with the option to extend as needed.

Ben Thorp