PHM Board Of Trustees Votes To Change Elementary Teaching Model

Sep 30, 2020

Credit Penn Harris Madison School Corporation

The Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation Board of Trustees voted to change its elementary concurrent teaching model at a special meeting on Sept. 30.

The vote comes after teachers and parents gave feedback indicating that teachers were having difficulty balancing virtua and in-person learning.

Currently, P-H-M elementary school teachers are teaching both virtual and face-to-face learners every day. Under the new plan, elementary teachers will be responsible for either virtual or in-person classes, but not both.

In an email sent to P-H-M parents on Sept. 28, Superintendent Jerry Thacker said teachers “are doing their best to keep up with two sets of learners, but at the elementary level, we cannot afford for that to continue taking a toll.”

The new model is scheduled to take effect Monday, Oct. 12. 

According to the email, some in-person students may have to change classrooms so more teachers are free to become fully virtual. If a student needs to be reassigned, they should receive a call from both their principal and their new teacher before Oct. 12.

"We understand this is a disruption, however we believe after the adjustment period, this will create a more effective learning environment," Thacker said in the email.


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