'Save our school,' Benton Harbor Community, Supporters Gather About State Plan

Jun 4, 2019


Benton Harbor School Board members preside over an auditorium full of Benton Harbor community members and supports that don't want to see the high school closed.
Credit Jennifer Weingart / WVPE Public Radio

Benton Harbor community members and supporters gathered at the high school Tuesday night to protest a plan to close the high school.


In addition to Benton Harbor community members, people from school districts across Michigan that have been closed by the state came to lend their support.

Marilyn Ross-Golden has been teaching at Benton Harbor High School for 31 years. She helped more than a dozen students step up to the microphone at the meeting and say what they’re feeling.

“The students are fired up. They’re hurt, absolutely. And they wanted to express themselves. And they did, and I’m very proud of them.”


The students, and everyone else at the meeting, said ‘Don’t close our school.’ The school board has asked the state to postpone a Friday decision deadline by two weeks. They also asked Governor Gretchen Whitmer to attend the meeting.

She was not there but a representative from her office says another meeting will be held Wednesday night where Whitmer will attend. It starts a 4 at Brotherhood of All Nations Church of God in Christ 516 Emory Street, Benton Harbor.