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Gov. Eric Holcomb’s latest COVID-19 executive order requires hospitals to share new information, but does not reimpose any statewide restrictions during the current surge of cases.

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Gov. Eric Holcomb didn’t shed any more light Tuesday on why he extended his latest COVID-19 executive order by just two days.

Brandon Smith/IPB News

Gov. Eric Holcomb is again extending a limited COVID-19 executive order related to health care workers. But instead of another month, it’s just for two days.


Wednesday Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb announced he would be signing an Executive Order calling for tighter restrictions to try and curb the surge of COVID-19. As of Friday he has signed the order. The new guidelines take effect Sunday. 

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Indiana universities and companies will not be able to bring many skilled international professors and researchers to the state until 2021 due to an executive order from President Donald Trump designed to protect American jobs. 

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President Donald Trump declared meat processing plants “critical infrastructure” to keep facilities operating through the COVID-19 crisis. Indiana is home to two pork production facilities that have closed temporarily due to increased cases among workers.

Lauren Chapman/IPB News

Gov. Eric Holcomb’s "Stay-At-Home" order comes as the number of novel coronavirus cases continues to grow in Indiana. One economist says Holcomb’s actions are less far-reaching than other states and could help the economy take less of a hit.

Several attorneys general are calling on Congress to take action on immigration reform.