The Life of Mike Pence, With Author Tom LoBianco

Oct 1, 2019
Drew Daudelin/IPB News

Vice President Mike Pence describes himself as "a Christian, a Conservative, and Republican...in that order." In his new book "Piety and Power," author Tom LoBianco describes a man who struggles with the tension between faith and ambition. How do those competing forces influence his life? And now, as Vice President, the lives of Americans?

ICYMI: Listen Here - A Spin Down Abbey Road

Sep 30, 2019
Bruce Mcbroom/Apple Corps ltd

Music writers, musicians and Beatles fans weigh in on The Beatles' Abbey Road, the album that turned out to have the last songs the band ever recorded together. It was released in September of 1969.

WVPE Is Hiring In 2020

Sep 30, 2019

88.1 WVPE is looking to hire for three positions, a Business Account Manager, Part-TIme Development Assistant and Office Manager.

If you are passionate about public radio and are interested in joining our team, please click to learn more about these job opportunities. 

New Program Debuts Monday On 88.1 WVPE - "All In"

Sep 27, 2019

Monday, Sept. 30th a new program will debut from 1-2pm on 88.1 WVPE. All IN is a live issues-oriented statewide show airing on Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations. The show is hosted by Matt Pelsor. 

New York State Sex Offender Registry / Associated Press

We’re told that public benefits create moral hazards because they make people dependent on the government, and there’s nothing worse (according to this common theory) than giving a poor person the sense that they don’t need to work for a living. But great wealth, which we too easily value as something to be desired in and of itself, presents a more dangerous risk to the democratic values we cherish as Americans.

How A Sudden Licensure Change Is Escalating Teacher Frustrations In Indiana

Sep 25, 2019
Justin Hicks/WVPE

At the South Bend Regional Airport, Samantha Brady is taking local high school physics teacher Dan Walsh past a high security checkpoint to complete an airfield inspection. 

Once inside, Brady then turns to Walsh and asks: “I’m sorry I didn’t ask prior, but what’s you guys’ purpose of being here?”

Walsh tells her he’s here to complete an externship as part of a new requirement for his teaching license. The idea is for him to connect what he teaches in his classroom to jobs at the airport.


A Democratic club at a bar in South Bend, Indiana, melts down over President Trump, and This American Life producer Ben Calhoun is there to see who’s still left in the club at the end of the night. You can listen to the story below. (Note: This item does include some graphic language.)


WVPE is a media sponsor of the South Bend Civic Theatre and it's musical production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

The Victor Hugo novel and Disney film songs are reborn on stage in this musical.

Quasimodo, the deformed bell-ringer at the Notre Dame Cathedral, watches over Paris from a lonely tower. But when the Feast of Fools comes to the city, everything changes. 

The music will take place in the Wilson Auditorum Oct. 4 through Oct. 20 with evening and matinee performances.

More information about the show is available below. 


Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass is one of the featured acts for IU South Bend's Jazz Fest Saturday, Sept. 21 from 3-8pm on the lawn on campus. Attendees are encouraged to bring a picnic and enjoy the music. 

The evening of music also features a variety of local jazz ensembles including the IU South Bend Jazz Ensemble, Christopher French and the French Quartet, the Bethel University Jazz Ensemble, the Mishawaka High School Jazz Band, as well as UZIMA Drum and Dance. 

Admission is free.

1997 ABC, Inc Steve Fenn

Monday, Sept. 23, 2019 at 9 PM

NPR presents a one-hour special remembering longtime correspondent and one of the "founding mothers" of NPR, Cokie Roberts. The special is hosted by Michel Martin and features friends of Cokie’s, as well as audio of her reports and commentary over the years.

Photo Of The Week - Sunrise Through Sycamore Leaves

Sep 19, 2019
Elizabeth Gravitt

WVPE's Photo of the Week comes from Elizabeth Gravitt of Sodus, Michigan. Elizabeth took this image near her Sodus home last fall shortly after sunrise. The rays coming through the tree branches and leaves create an ethereal quality. 


Support is provided to WVPE by Notre Dame Press, publisher of a new book that will be celebrated on campus in September. 

The Glory and the Burden: The American Presidency from FDR to Trump by Robert Schmuhl. The author will sign copies of the book on Friday, September 27 at 1:30pm at the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore. 


The Michiana Pottery Tour includes more than 30 artists at seven locations across northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. The two day tour takes place on the final Saturday and Sunday of September every year.

This year's tour is Saturday, September 28 from 10 AM thru 5 PM EST and Sunday, September 29 from 11 AM thru 4 PM EST.

There are seven different locations on the tour, with each location featuring multiple artists. Most of the locations are in or near Goshen, IN. About one hours drive separates the two farthest locations.


Your shower pipes are alive.  So are your sinks, books, and floorboards.  New studies of our homes are revealing just what species live there – in the thousands, from bacteria to flies to millipedes.  Meanwhile, life keeps surprising us by popping up in other unexpected places: the deep biosphere houses the majority of the world’s bacteria and the Arctic tundra has kept worms frozen – but alive – for 40,000 years.

Listen tonight at 8pm for more on Big Picture Science. 

Michiana Chronicles: Kitchens

Sep 13, 2019
Jean DeWinter

Kitchens are a big part of life. Embraced or shunned, neglected or over-indulged, have order or chaos. They’re small and cramped with little counterspace or spacious and roomy with pantries and cupboards galore. They’re rooms with great potential or activity or just used for meal prep. For me, a kitchen is possibility and contemplation, where my favorite people, things and feelings about them, converge.

Photo Of The Week - Puppy In Polychrome

Sep 12, 2019
Sam LIma of South Bend

Our Photo of the Week is from Sam Lima of South Bend. It features his dog, Junior, on a kayak as they cruise the St. Joseph River in September under the glow of the South Bend River Lights. 

American Anthem: The Special

Sep 9, 2019

Monday, Sept. 9, 2019 at 9 PM

Hosted by Elizabeth Blair and Tom Cole from NPR's Arts Desk, American Anthem: The Special will highlight standout stories from NPR's ongoing periodic American Anthem series.

The hour will weave together the creation, popularization, and evolution of a selection of songs about our shared national identity as Americans.

IU South Bend via Facebook

WVPE is proud to be a media sponsor of the IU South Bend Piano Series which will bring internationally recognized pianists to the campus.  Debuting September 20th  at 7pm will be the first concert in the series which will feature Christopher O’Riley.

O’Riley is known to many as the long-time host of the NPR classical music program From the Top.

Guest artists during the Piano Series will not only perform, but will also present a masterclass and seminar as well.

More information, including how to get tickets, can be found below. 


WVPE is proud to be a media sponsor of the University of Notre Dame’s Nanovic Institute for European Studies.

The Institute will present a talk by David O’Sullivan, the former European Union Ambassador to the U.S. on Wednesday September 18th at 5pm. He will speak on the topic of “Europe and the U.S. – Friends and Allies, or Rivals?” It’s open to the public and will be held in the Jenkins Nanovic Halls in the Donald R. Keough Seminar Room.

Read WVPE's September 2019 E-Newsletter

Sep 6, 2019

Bring a picnic and enjoy the sounds of The Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass at the IU South Bend Jazz Fest.

Photo Of The Week - Just Before The Sun Went Down

Sep 5, 2019
Paul A. Werwas

In this week's Photo of the Week we give a nod to the waning days of summer. This image was captured on July 29 by Paul A. Werwas of South Bend. When Paul submitted his photos he said, "If they're worth sharing on Facebook, they're worth sending to you as well." We couldn't agree more. 

Do you have a great image to share? 

Submit a photo with a caption by email to: wvpe@wvpe.org 

Include your name, hometown, names of people pictured, and the date and location where the photo was taken. Please send images in .jpg format & no larger than 2mb in size.

Read the letter from Anthony Hunt, WVPE General Manager.   

In case you missed the announcement by WVPE General Manager Anthony Hunt regarding programming changes happening at the end of September, here is a copy. 

Annacaroline Caruso

With summer weather comes a long list of landscaping chores like watering flowers, pulling weeds…..and mowing the lawn. A new technology may make that chore just a little bit easier.

University of Notre Dame

A unique interpretation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night blends comedy and drama in a final performance at Notre Dame's Washington Hall September 13 at 7:30pm. 

Wild Rose Moon

Monday, September 2, 2019 at 9 PM.

Sharing stories about his experiences growing up playing 5-string banjo, the bonfire tradition in Kyoto, and his penchant for the work of Jazz guitarist, Pat Metheny , Hiroya Tsukamoto, originally from Kyoto, Japan, and now from New York City, shares some wonderful multi-layered compositions on The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour. 

We also learn about Hiroya’s appearance at the Blue Note Café and how his travels provide him with inspiration for many of his songs.   

April Lidinsky

I can pinpoint the exact moment when I realized most American women of a certain age dye their hair. I was a guest at a Unitarian church, sitting in the back pew. Scanning the room, I realized I’d never seen so many middle-aged gray-haired women. Huh.  Did I miss a memo stating that graying women must become Unitarians?  No … a lightening clap of understanding broke across my brow.  It was simply that Unitarian women — this group, anyway — were less likely to dye their hair.

Photo Of The Week - East Race Rafting

Aug 29, 2019
Neil Torquiano, formerly of South Bend

Opportunities to go rafting on the East Race in South Bend are dwindling. This week's Photo of the Week depicts "East Race Rafting." It was taken by former South Bend resident Neil Torquiano (now of Jacksonville, Florida.) 

The East Race is open for its last full weekend this weekend. Hours are August 31 from 12-5pm, September 1 from 12-4pm and September 8 from 12-4pm. After that it closes to the public for the season. 

Do you have a great image to share? 

Submit a photo with a caption by email to: wvpe@wvpe.org 

Holy Cross College via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HolyCrossCollegeSaints/photos/a.10151692986013071/10156806511063071/?type=3&theater

WVPE invites you to Holy Cross College’s Preview Days.  These information sessions provide insight into admissions, financial aid and offer campus tours beginning Monday, September 9 from 9am to 2pm. 

Preview days offer prospective students a chance to meet current students, faculty and staff.