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Teachers of color feel undervalued and less visible in their schools compared to white peers, according to a new report highlighting some of the challenges to diversify the teaching workforce – and what experts say would help. 

The Teach Plus report lists other challenges, like the financial cost to teach and a lack of cultural awareness in schools. 

Director of research Mark Teoh says schools and states should find solutions by listening to teachers. He says that can happen with data collected by exit interviews and surveys, but shouldn’t stop there. 

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Educators are pressing for an overhaul of the state’s school accountability system after a reported drop in student achievement on the state’s new ILEARN exam – including the state’s top education official.

They’re worried about low ILEARN scores this year and how they could affect Indiana’s schools. Test scores play a key role in how schools and teachers are evaluated.

After two school shootings last year, lawmakers named mental health services in schools a top priority. Many schools across the state say they need more: more counselors, therapists, funding and support.

Indiana School Reports Surge In Students Vaping Marijuana

May 5, 2019
Brandon Smith

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — School resource officers at Indiana's largest high school are reporting a surge in students being sent to hospital emergency rooms after they used marijuana's psychoactive ingredient in electronic cigarettes to get high.

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The South Bend Common Council’s Community Relations Committee held the first of what is expected to be several community meetings last night, in order to address growing problems within the city’s public schools.

No one at the meeting was denying that South Bend Schools has problems. With low test scores, disparities in discipline and achievement between white students and those of color, administration issues and others; there was plenty to talk about.

Newly Closed Loophole Means More Money For Michigan Schools

Aug 23, 2018
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When Michigan kids head back to school in a few weeks, some districts may have more money to spend on them thanks to a newly closed property tax loophole.


Local school districts in Michigan are funded in part by non-homestead property taxes. That’s a tax collected on businesses, second homes, and rental properties.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has agreed with an official finding that the Benton Harbor school district in west Michigan is in a financial crisis. But the governor says he thinks the state can make an arrangement with the district that avoids a takeover.

“In Benton Harbor’s case, Benton Harbor schools, there’s a good possibility we could have a consent agreement. The school board seems very interested in that, the superintendent, so we’re working through that.”