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The National Weather Service confirms a second tornado touched down in St. Joseph County Sunday night, in addition to the EF-2 tornado that was previously confirmed.

The second tornado was an EF-0 with winds of 65-70 mph that touched down for a half mile in South Bend near Roosevelt Road east of Ironwood.

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The National Weather Service says at least nine tornadoes struck Indiana, damaging a school and other buildings and downing trees.

It says three EF2 tornadoes with winds up to 130 mph struck Greene, Monroe and Rush counties during Saturday's outbreak and an EF-1 tornado with winds reaching 100 mph struck the Indianapolis enclave of Beech Grove, heavily damaging the high school. Two weaker tornadoes struck elsewhere in Indianapolis and in Owen County.

Four Tornadoes Confirmed In Central Indiana

Jun 16, 2019
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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Weather officials say severe storms in central Indiana caused floods and produced at least four tornadoes, leaving thousands without power and damaging buildings.

Pendleton Recovers From Scary Moment After Tornado Hits Town

May 28, 2019

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Tornadoes twisted through Ohio and Indiana overnight. At least one person was killed and some 90 people were injured.

In the small town of Pendleton, northeast of Indianapolis, the National Weather Service is confirming an EF2 tornado touched down. About 75 homes were damaged with some totally destroyed. But there no fatalities reported in the small town

Two survey teams will be dispatched to survey tornado damage that was reported on the afternoon/evening, 27 May 2019. One area to be surveyed is from southeast Fulton county to northern Wabash. The second is an area from Grant county to Wells county.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says preliminary storm reports show that 52 tornadoes may have touched down Monday across eight states as waves of severe weather swept across the nation's mid-section.

March Storms Hit Indiana And Michigan

Mar 15, 2019

  SALEM, Ind. (AP) - The National Weather Service says it plans to survey storm damage in southern Indiana after high winds, hail and possible tornadoes swept across the state.

   The weather service says a storm survey is planned Friday in northwest Washington County. In Bartholomew County, area residents took cover Thursday after tornado warning sirens sounded.  (Click to read more.)