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South Bend Seeks Resident Input For Portage, Elwood Center

The City of South Bend will kick-off a four-day workshop on Sunday, seeking resident input in creating a vision for the Portage and Elwood Neighborhood Center.

The sessions will be held at the Near Northwest Neighborhood building. Community members will have an opportunity to discuss their thoughts of what the biggest needs in the area are with city designers.

Community Resources and Planning Director Tim Corcoran says direction is essential to the vitality of the area. This project is no different than any other project by the city, community engagement is always a priority. This time however, he says a vision for the area is being created, and community engagement was essential.

“Without a plan, how can you guide decisions people are making? So, it can also help guide potential city investment.”

There will be an opening presentation Sunday from four to six in the evening, with other events following during the week.


A schedule of events is available here.

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