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Toxic Blue-Green Algae Advisory At Potato Creek State Park Expected For Labor Day Weekend

Annacaroline Caruso

High levels of toxic blue-green algae have been found in Worster Lake at Potato Creek State Park.

The advisory is expected to stay in place for the holiday weekend.

Potato Creek State Park is still under an advisory for the toxic algae. That means boating and swimming are still permitted but people should avoid contact with algae. The water shouldn’t be swallowed and swimmers should shower with soap after going in the water.

The algae is especially dangerous for pets, so they should be kept out of the water.

Sandi Strohmeier of Rensselaer, Indiana thought it looked like a nice day to take her grandchildren to the park, but didn’t plan on letting them swim.

“I did read about the blue algae so I knew we weren’t going in the water," Strohmeier said. "I have two little ones with me. One that’s three and one that’s 16-months-old so we didn’t want to take a chance. ”

But Strohmeier has other plans for the holiday weekend.

“Actually my daughter has a built in swimming pool and we’re going to be there,” she said.

Visitors can still go hiking and biking on the trails at the park.

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