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Indiana Democrats issue call to action for voters on first day of abortion ban

Democratic State Senate candidate Andrea Hunley speaks to reporters in front of the steps of the Indiana Statehouse. Hunley is a Black woman with dark hair. She's wearing a teal dress and speaking into a pair of microphones.
Brandon Smith
IPB News
Democratic State Senate candidate Andrea Hunley said abortion is an economic issue as she spoke to reporters on Sept. 15, the day Indiana's near-total abortion ban took effect.

Democratic state legislative candidates say the only way to repeal Indiana’s near-total abortion ban is by electing Democrats to the Statehouse.

Candidates issued a call to action Thursday, the day the ban took effect.

Joey Mayer is running against Rep. Donna Schaibley (R-Carmel), an incumbent in a suburban district north of Indianapolis. She said she’s been shocked how, even when she goes door-to-door to talk about economic issues, voters of both parties turn the conversation back to the abortion ban.

“If the Indiana GOP had bothered to listen to their own polling or actually talk to the people they represent like we’re doing, they would know how far out of step SEA 1 is from what the people of Indiana want,” Mayer said.

Republicans insist inflation and the economy are the biggest issues this election. Democratic Senate candidate Andrea Hunley said abortion is an economic issue, too.

“When families are concerned about how they are going to pay for gas and how they are going to pay for groceries, they cannot also be concerned about how they are going to feed another mouth in their home,” Hunley said.

Republicans are largely expected to maintain their supermajorities in the Indiana House and Senate.

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Brandon Smith has covered the Statehouse for Indiana Public Broadcasting for more than a decade, spanning three governors and a dozen legislative sessions. He's also the host of Indiana Week in Review, a weekly political and policy discussion program seen and heard across the state. He previously worked at KBIA in Columbia, Missouri and WSPY in Plano, Illinois. His first job in radio was in another state capitol - Jefferson City, Missouri - as a reporter for three stations around the Show-Me State.