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All IN: Safety Culture At Amazon

Scott Lewis/Flickr

Two years ago, a worker at an Amazon facility in Plainfield, Indiana died after a 1,200 pound forklift crushed him.

After a state safety inspector found it might have happened due to a lack of training, he says Governor Eric Holcomb and other state officials worked to shift blame away from Amazon, hoping to avoid bad press while the state competed to host the company's new headquarters. Holcomb says it didn't happen.

Today we talk to Will Evans, the reporter behind the investigative report that broke this story. Since it was published, Governor Holcomb has sent a cease and desist letter to Evans and Reveal, telling them to retract and correct the story. Today we’ll ask Evans about their response to that letter, and how he put the report together.


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Will Evans
Reporter at Reveal, from The Center of Investigative Reporting

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