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UPDATE: Arrests In The Shootings Of Two Clark County Judges Wounded At Indy White Castle

Indiana Supreme Court

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indianapolis police say they've arrested two men in connection with the shootings of two southern Indiana judges .

Police said Tuesday that detectives arrested 41-year-old Brandon Kaiser and 23-year-old Alfredo Vazquez for their alleged roles in the shootings of Clark Circuit Judges Bradley Jacobs and Andrew Adams early Wednesday outside a downtown fast-food restaurant.

Marion County Jail records shown Kaiser faces preliminary charges of attempted murder, battery, aggravated battery and carrying a handgun without a license, and Vazquez is charged with assisting a criminal. Both men are due in court Wednesday.

Police on Friday released surveillance video showing two suspects getting out of an SUV outside the restaurant.

Police have said they've found no evidence to suggest the judges were targeted because they're judges.

Both judges are hospitalized in stable condition.

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