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Elkhart Co. Health Officer Warns New Local Public Health Orders Are Coming To Curb COVID-19

Late Friday afternoon, the Elkhart Co. Health Dept. issued a letter to warn county residents that more restrictive health orders are coming in an attempt to try and bring down surging COVID-19 numbers. The letter was signed with the support of 56 health, government, business and school officials in the county. 

While specifics weren't provided, the order will focus on four areas:

1. Businesses

2. Restaurants, Bars and Entertainment 

3. School Events

4. Gatherings, Meetings, Other Events

The order will be issued no later than Fri., Nov. 20. 

Once it goes into effect, it will not be lifted until there is improvement in: 

1. Local hospitalization rates

2. Numbers of new weekly cases

3. ICU capacity

4. Covid-related deaths

(You can read the letter below.) 

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