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Site Plan Announced For Consolidated Elkhart County Courts

Provided by Elkhart County Commissioners

Elkhart County leaders announced details for the county's new consolidated courts facility, which will be located between Elkhart and Goshen. 

(Read more in the release below.)

Elkhart County, Indiana (June 15, 2021) – A site plan and physical layout for Elkhart County’s new Consolidated Courts project has been selected. The site plan, designed to maximize use of the 23-acre plot of land adjacent to Reliance Road at the western edge of Goshen, is one of two site plans that were under consideration. The building itself will be 4 stories tall with 13 individual courtrooms.

Among the many decisions to be made regarding the site plan, was where to locate the main entrance.  Due to findings of a traffic study commissioned by the County and the City of Goshen, the entrance will now be on Reliance Road (Old County Road 17), rather than at the intersection of County Road 17 and Rieth Boulevard.  “Basically it (the Rieth Boulevard intersection) doesn’t meet the criteria,” said Charlie McKenzie, Manager of Transportation for Elkhart County. “The steepness of the bank – it’s called super elevation – along the curve on County Road 17, is too steep to build an additional leg as an access road. It would create a situation where there’d be a bump, per se. It would be unsafe for the public.”

“A lot of tough decisions like where to locate the main entrance have now been made,” commented Suzie Weirick, President of the Elkhart County Commissioners. “This has only been possible through the collective work of our county leadership – especially our courts and law enforcement leaders who will use this new facility for generations to come.”

“After three decades of talk about a more efficient, conveniently located courts campus, we’re finally making big progress,” added Brad Rogers, County Commissioner, District 2. “This is a win for everyone in Elkhart County whether they live in one of our large cities, or any of our smaller towns.”

“You only do something like this once in a lifetime,” commented Frank Lucchese, Vice President, Elkhart County Commissioners. “So, while we’re moving at a good pace, we’re also making sure that the right people are participating in the visioning and planning sessions. As a result, this will be the best conceived and constructed court system we’ve ever had.”

On November 14, 2021, the Elkhart County Council approved a request from the Elkhart County Commissioners to purchase 32 acres of land along Reliance Road in Goshen. This location, which is central to every city and town in Elkhart County, is where the estimated $80 million Elkhart County consolidated courts campus will be built.”

“We still have a lot to do,” added Weirick. “But we’re finally getting close to the point where we can start considering the architectural design – or, what the building will look like.  And it’s still our intent to break ground sometime this fall.”

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