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City Council Votes Against Three Tolson Ordinances

Barbara Anguiano


The Elkhart City Council voted Monday not to continue funding the Tolson Community and Youth Center, after nearly a year of discussing the topic with residents.


Tensions ran high as residents spoke before city council members, asking them not to defund the Tolson Center, which primarily serves youth in south-central Elkhart. Many residents were frustrated at what they felt was a runaround from the City Council.  

The City Council voted against three ordinances related to Tolson.  One appropriated 260 thousand dollars to fund the center through the rest of the year, while the other two moved oversight of Tolson to the mayor’s office and created new staff positions.

For some advocates of the Tolson Center, the issue was more than just facts and figures, and boiled down to a race issue. But the council says there are plenty of other 

However, council members who voted against the three measures said not much structure was provided by Mayor Tim Neese’s Advisory Committee to move forward. The committee was formed last year to help assess Tolson’s needs and role in the community.

The council has not yet said what’s next for Tolson.




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