All IN: The White River

Oct 8, 2019

About 20 years ago the White River experienced a toxic discharge from an auto plant that wiped out over 4 million fish. Since then, the river has been on a long journey of restoration.

Today on All IN we talk about what impact the White River has on the community around it – from recreation to economic investments, even our drinking water. Experts and advocates explain which bacteria and contaminants remain in the river, and we discuss efforts to minimize pollution and harmful runoff.


Produced by Maggie Gelon.




Sarah Bowman
Investigative reporter, IndyStar


Emily Hopkins
Data reporter, IndyStar


Gabe Filippelli
Director, Center for Urban Health at IUPUI


Jill Hoffman 
Executive director, The White River Alliance 


Dan Moran
Water quality manager, Citizens Energy Group


Dan Considine
Manager of corporate communications, Citizens Energy Group