Berrien County Debates Becoming A Gun Sanctuary

Feb 13, 2020

Berrien County Board of Commissioners debate second amendment sanctuary resolution in front of a packed room of residents on Feb. 13th 2020.
Credit Annacaroline Caruso / WVPE News

Berrien County will not be following in the footsteps of other Michigan counties that have declared themselves gun sanctuaries. But the board of commissioners did emphasize their duty to uphold the constitution at a heated meeting Thursday.

It was a packed house at the meeting - but a house divided. Roughly half of the people say they want a second amendment sanctuary because they feel their gun rights are being attacked. While the other half say it would set a bad precedent for unlawfulness.

Ken Rochefort spoke in favor of the county becoming a gun sanctuary during public comment.

“The people that say our gun rights aren’t under attack, they may not be in Berrien County at this minute, but our own Governor, she’s said she’s for "red flag laws.”

Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions are how some counties have been showing opposition to gun control measures.

The sanctuaries have been popping up across Michigan after Governor Gretchen Whitmer brought up the possibility of “red flag laws.”

Catherine Doll opposes gun sanctuaries because she says all laws should be upheld, no matter what your opinion is.

“Saying that you want a second amendment sanctuary is like saying people that believe in owning a gun is greater than our viewpoint.”

 The board unanimously passed a resolution reaffirming their duty to uphold the constitution, the second amendment being included, but did not use sanctuary language. 

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