Gov. Holcomb Grants Clemency To Man Convicted On Drug Charges In Elkhart County

Nov 20, 2019

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb today has granted clemency to Berto N. Dooley. age 40, who was convicted in Elkhart County in 2003 for possession of cocaine and being a habitual substance offender. 

According to the executive order issued by Holcomb, Dooley had less than two years remaining on the executed portion of his sentence and has gotten a bachelor's degree while incarcerated. 

Dooley will have to complete a six month home detention period under the supervision of the IN Dept. of Correction. Most recently Dooley has been held at the South Bend Community Re-Entry Center.

This is only the second executive order Holcomb has issued in all of 2019. The other one was a waiver of hours of service regulations for drivers hauling propane that was issued earlier this month.