Special Prosecutor Declines Request For More Information From Eric Logan Shooting Investigation

May 1, 2020

Special Prosecutor Richard Hertel announces in early March 2020 that the South Bend officer who killed Eric Logan last summer will not be charged in the shooting.
Credit Justin Hicks / WVPE Public Radio

South Bend Mayor James Mueller received a response from Special Prosecutor Ric Hertel on his request for more information from the investigation into the shooting death of Eric Logan.

Logan was shot and killed by a white South Bend police officer last June. The officer’s body camera was not turned on at the time of the incident.

Mayor Mueller sent a letter to Hertel on March 13th requesting more information and evidence after many South Bend residents were not satisfied with the findings.

In Hertel’s response letter, he declined to provide more information.

In a press release, Mueller said “Our community deserves to have these answers to our questions about what happened the night of Eric Logan’s death.”

The Logan family filed a civil lawsuit against the City in federal court that is ongoing. A criminal case against former officer Ryan O’Neill unrelated to Eric Logan’s death is pending in state court.