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Indiana Senate GOP Budget Proposal Released And It Impacts Teachers

Indiana Public Media

Senate Republicans released their budget proposal Thursday and it includes more money for teacher appreciation grants, and changes to funding for virtual schools.

The Senate GOP budget would send $535 million more dollars to schools over the next two years - a slight increase compared to the House proposal.

But the Senate plan would also cut the amount of money that goes to virtual schools based on student enrollment.

It also includes the governor’s plan to pay off some teacher pension debt for schools - with the caveat that districts publicly explain where they use those savings.

Lawmakers have said the savings should go to teacher pay.

Senate Republicans aligned with their counterparts in the House and want to keep the state’s Teacher Appreciation Grants.

But the Senate plan would go a step further and boost funding for the program by $30 million over the next two years.

It would also require some money go to new teachers.