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Disciplinary Commission Wants Hill's License Suspended For Two Years

Brandon Smith/IPB News

Indiana’s attorney Disciplinary Commission wants Attorney General Curtis Hill’s law license suspended for two years.

That's the latest procedural step in Hill’s disciplinary process.

Four women accuse Curtis Hill of sexual misconduct. Those allegations prompted the state Disciplinary Commission to file a complaint against Hill.

A hearing officer, former Supreme Court Justice Myra Selby, presided over a four-day hearing on that complaint in October. Now, the two sides have filed proposals on what they’d like Selby to do.

The Disciplinary Commission wants Hill’s license suspended for two years. It says Hill’s actions have dealt a “significant blow” to faith in the state’s legal system and require a significant response.

Hill’s team wants the complaint dismissed. It says that while the attorney general’s behavior might be considered “boorish and offensive,” it happened at a private event that has no connection to his job or the practice of law.

There is no timetable for Selby’s decision.

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