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Today Is The Last Day To Register To Vote In Indiana For The 2020 General Election

(Wikimedia Commons)

Today is the last day for Hoosiers to register to vote for the 2020 general election.

Hoosiers can register in-person at their county election administrator’s office – they have until the end of the business day to do so. But they have until midnight if they go online to

There, they can also look at who’s on their ballot and check early voting locations and hours in their county. Early, in-person voting begins Tuesday.

And if they qualify, is where Hoosiers can request an absentee, vote-by-mail ballot.

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With more than a month until Election Day, about 150,000 Hoosiers have already sent in their mail-in ballots; that’s nearly as many people as voted by mail in total in 2016, the last presidential election.

And this fall, nearly triple that number have requested mail-in ballots so far.

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