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Michigan’s Rate Of New COVID Cases Is Among The Highest In The Nation

Photo provided by the State of Michigan

Health experts say Michigan is in a race to vaccinate as many adults as possible, before the state is again overwhelmed by cases of COVID-19. 

Michigan’s rate of new COVID cases is among the highest in the nation. The number of reported cases per day is at levels not seen since before Christmas. 

Some health officials say variants of COVID which spread more easily are helping drive the surge. 

Others blame the easing of restrictions on activities such as in-person dining at restaurants and school athletics. Michigan health officials say the largest increase in cases of the virus is among those between age 10 and age 19. 

The state continues ramping-up efforts to vaccinate Michiganders. 

But the Michigan Health and Hospital Association cautions the number of adults who have NOT been inoculated against COVID and who end up in the hospital…is increasing at a – quote – “alarming rate.” 

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