Elkhart COVID-19 Ordinance Stalls In Common Council

Dec 8, 2020

Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson speaks before the Elkhart Common Council on Monday, Dec. 7. Roberson asked the council to give the city's COVID-19 ordinance a full hearing that night, but it failed the unanimous vote needed to fast-track it.
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The Elkhart Common Council voted Monday night on a city ordinance to support Elkhart County’s COVID-19 safety measures.

The ordinance, which passed to a second reading, would allow Mayor Rod Roberson to enforce the county’s fine structure for Elkhart businesses that violate COVID-19 safety protocols.

Roberson originally asked the council to fast-track the city ordinance so it could immediately support the county ordinance, which goes into effect on Dec. 17.

“We cannot wait any longer to assist and support our healthcare system. People are dying,” he said.

However, Councilmen Bullard and Thomas voted against an accelerated hearing. Bullard expressed concern that there wasn’t enough opportunity for public comment on both the county and city ordinances.

Unless a special session is called, Elkhart’s ordinance will receive a second reading at the next common council meeting on Dec. 21.

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