Farmers Applaud Holcomb's Executive Order Addressing Propane Shortage

Nov 14, 2019

Credit FILE PHOTO: Annie Ropeik/IPB News

Gov. Eric Holcomb has declared a propane shortage emergency and issued an executive order designed to help boost supply. 

The governor’s first executive order of the year will ease restrictions on hours of service for truck drivers who deliver the fuel. 

And after a challenging planting season due to spring flooding, the lack of propane is hurting many farmers even more. Farmers rely on propane to dry out grains before they can store and sell it. 

Indiana Farm Bureau national government relations director Bob White says Holcomb’s order will help prevent the more severe shortages other states in the Midwest are facing.

“In Indiana, the governor is being proactive. He’s seen this happen before in the state, and so just to be one step ahead,” says White.

The executive order is in effect until Dec. 2 unless the governor extends or ends it early.

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