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Officials Expect Peak In COVID-19 Cases For St. Joseph County, Indiana In Three To Four Weeks

Justin Hicks

South Bend City and St. Joseph County, Indiana leaders gave an update on the local COVID-19 response this afternoon during a virtual press conference. 

Officials reiterated the same message they’ve been saying for weeks: stay home unless absolutely necessary, keep social distancing, don’t touch your face.

Deputy Health Officer Mark Fox says some of those measures may be paying off for this region.

“About five percent of all tests that have been completed have been returned with a positive result. That’s less than what’s been seen across the state as a whole. That bodes well for this county.”

But Fox says it’s still a long road ahead and people need to continue taking precautions. The County has completed just under 2,000 COVID-19 tests and are waiting on 500 more results. 

He predicts COVID-19 cases will peak for St. Joseph County in roughly three or four weeks.

He says about 60 percent of positive cases are people under 50-years-old. Six people with the virus are currently hospitalized in the County and Fox expects that number to rise.

Local leaders are also focusing on helping first responders and healthcare workers in their fight against the coronavirus.

Officials say they’re working with the Emergency Management Association to get more Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, for essential workers in the County.

South Bend Mayor James Mueller says the river lights will be changed to red and white in honor of first responders and healthcare workers.

“We must continue to recognize their work and the challenge that they face.”

Officials say they expect more PPE to be made available in the County sometime next week.

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