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NEW: June 24 Elk Co. Sees 2nd Highest COVID-19 Case Count, Goshen Health Has "Extremely High" Volume



According to the latest figures released by the Indiana State Dept. of Health on Wed., June 24 Elkhart County saw a day that tied its second highest yet for new COVID-19 cases. The county reported 101 new cases. That ties the case count on June 12.  June 17 remains the day the county saw its highest case count yet, with 112 new cases on that day. 


Goshen Health now says it has completed 7,700+ coronavirus tests and is seeing a positivity rate of 14.3%. Indiana overall has a 10% positivity rate for COVID-19 testing.

The facility says it has admitted 133 patients to the hospital. 118 have been discharged and 10 have died. 

These only represent figures for Goshen Health and not for other medical facilities serving Elkhart County. 

Goshen Health provided the following quotes from their facility leaders:

“Our Urgent Care and Emergency Department Colleagues have faced several weeks of extremely high volumes. Plus, last week our overall census was much higher. Colleagues are fatigued, but remain dedicated to serving our community,” said Randy Christophel, President and CEO of Goshen Health. 

“We continue to ask our community to show support for our local healthcare providers, support staff and each other by taking every precaution possible, starting with wearing a mask in public,” said Dr. Dan Nafziger, Hospital Chief Medical Officer.