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Tweet By Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita Flagged By Twitter

A Tweet from Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita was flagged Monday because it could lead to a “risk of violence” according to Twitter.

Over the weekend, Indiana’s top law enforcement officer posted a Valentine’s Day image with the text
“you stole my heart like a 2020 election” and a sketch of former President Donald Trump.
In a subsequent Tweet, Rokita alleges the post was “tongue in cheek” but Indiana’s top law enforcement
officer has used his platform to question election results in multiple states. Rokita, a Republican,
reiterated concerns about steps some states took to increase ballot access.
According to a Twitter spokesperson, Rokita’s Tweet was flagged to add more context in line with the
company’s Civic Integrity Policy.

The social media giant says it will significantly reduce engagements on Rokita’s Tweet and will disable
Likes, replies, and Retweets.
In a statement, the attorney general defended his post and called it “a harmful reality” that private
companies monitor content on their platforms.

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