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Conspiracy theories and misinformation around the COVID-19 pandemic have muddied conversations about the virus, and changed the way some people are reacting to it. The internet has made it easier than ever for unreliable sources to give the illusion of authority, and the culture wars have left some with an intense distrust of science.

The Shortlist: The Best of 2020 Indiana Nonfiction

Aug 12, 2020

The short list of nominees for the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Awards came out earlier this week. The awards happen every two years, and celebrate the best books written by Indiana authors.

The Culture Wars Come To Fort Wayne

Aug 11, 2020

Communities across the country are having important conversations about how we remember our history, and how we should memorialize it. How do we learn about and understand history, and who gets to decide what merits commemoration?

Issues Facing Women Veterans

Aug 10, 2020

Some women veterans don't join veteran service organizations because of a culture they say continues to marginalize them. Some say reports of sexual violence continue to be mishandled in the military. Leaders behind a new project say it's time to talk openly about all of it.

The Friday Pitch-In

Aug 7, 2020

Indiana schools are struggling with contact tracing. Parents are concerned about privacy, and some don’t even believe the phone calls are legitimate. And the Indy 500 will run without fans this year. Today we get updates on these stories and more.

We also learn about a southeastern Indiana newspaper publisher that has revitalized its coverage of the region by launching two new papers.

COVID-19 Update

Aug 6, 2020

Indiana’s schools are starting to reopen, in a variety of ways. And although the state’s reopening plan was put on pause, it's nearing the end of its timeline. But the COVID-19 pandemic is definitely not over.

Creating Art In Uncertain Times

Aug 5, 2020

Artists take inspiration from many places, but the societal upheaval of the pandemic, and protests for racial justice are ringing loudly right now. How are Indiana’s artists responding? What effect is the pandemic having on their income, and their ability to complete their work?

How (And Why) Schools Are Deciding To Reopen

Aug 4, 2020

Today we talk about the different approaches Indiana schools are taking to reopen, and the guidance they're using to make those decisions.

We talk to an education reporter about the latest news, a superintendent about how the first days back have gone, and we hear from a teachers’ advocate about what more can be done to keep educators safe.

Produced by Maggie Gelon.


Health Disparities Among People With Disabilities

Aug 3, 2020

The pandemic has introduced a lot of new challenges for Indiana, but it's also highlighted issues that have long existed. For people with intellectual and physical disabilities, getting in-person care can be crucial, but stay-at-home orders and a shortage of nurses have created huge problems for a lot of disabled Hoosiers. 

The Friday Pitch-In

Jul 31, 2020

Governor Holcomb has hit the pause button on reopening through the end of August, as kids go back to school and cases are still on the rise. And former governor Joe Kernan passed away Wednesday morning. Today we get updates on these stories and more.

Can All Students Get A Quality Education Right Now?

Jul 30, 2020

This is the first week back for some schools in Indiana, with others starting in the coming weeks. But whether classes are happening in-person, virtually, or through a combination of the two, how can schools ensure everyone gets the same quality education?

Courtesy of Indiana Landmarks

Former Indiana first lady Judy O’Bannon has many accolades to her name. From community activism to youth leadership, she’s always busy. 

Indiana's Economic Outlook

Jul 28, 2020

The additional $600 weekly unemployment benefit provided by the federal CARES Act expired last Saturday in Indiana. The benefit acted as a lifeline for thousands of Hoosiers, and as a buoy for the greater economy. And now, as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to climb in the state, many businesses have had to pause their reopening, if not take a step back.

The Skills Gap Debate

Jul 27, 2020

Within days of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing businesses to shut down, or dramatically change their operations, unemployment skyrocketed. Now Hoosier workers and business owners are left wondering how to piece things back together. 

The Friday Pitch-In

Jul 24, 2020

Governor Holcomb says masks are mandatory in public places starting Monday. But the Attorney General says the governor doesn’t have the authority to do that. And the Indiana General Assembly is figuring out how to hold their 2021 session during a pandemic, but the Democrats say we need to hold a special session yet this year. Today we get updates on these stories and more.

Managing Anxiety And Depression

Jul 23, 2020

The pandemic has been a stressful time for most of us, and a lot of people experiencing anxiety and depression might be feeling it for the first time.

An Hour With Brian Bosma

Jul 22, 2020

Brian Bosma retires from the Indiana General Assembly next week as the longest-serving House Speaker in state history.

Child Care In A Pandemic

Jul 21, 2020

Child care providers across the state are implementing new safety routines as children come back, like temperature checks at the door and the regular sanitation of toys. But it can take a lot of resources to get it right.

The Friday Pitch-In

Jul 17, 2020

COVID-19 Update

Jul 16, 2020

An epidemiologist brings us up to date on what we’ve learned about the coronavirus, and the precautions we should be taking.

Indiana’s Immigrants And COVID-19

Jul 15, 2020

Indiana’s immigrants are often on the front lines of the pandemic working essential jobs, sometimes without sufficient protective equipment. And often those are the lucky ones. Those who have lost their jobs either can’t receive public benefits because of their status, or they aren’t comfortable doing so for fear of being labeled a public charge.

How Will Higher Ed Institutions Adjust?

Jul 14, 2020

A traditional college campus with tight dorm rooms, crowded lecture halls, and bustling bars at night isn’t the most compatible setting for social distancing guidelines. But for many students returning to campus this fall, life will look different. And leaders across Indiana say they're working to protect the quality of the education available to them.

Does Indiana Have A Weak Public Defender System?

Jul 13, 2020

A new report shows that public defenders in Indiana are underpaid, and that there's a pay disparity between public defenders and prosecutors in counties across the state. Advocates who want to address the issue say a weak public defender system has wide-ranging consequences, especially for low-income Hoosiers, and that it contributes to over-incarceration.

The Friday Pitch-In

Jul 10, 2020

This week a federal judge struck down Indiana’s 2018 abortion law, saying it was "too vague." The Archdiocese of Indianapolis got push-back for its policy prohibiting transgender students. And Indiana swapped out its state-run PPE marketplace with a directory to connect small businesses with the gear they need. Today we get updates on these stories and more.

How Do We Remember Our Ugly Past?

Jul 9, 2020

25 years ago, a building contractor in Noblesville found an old trunk in a barn. When he opened it he found signatures. It was a membership list for the Ku Klux Klan during a period in the 1920's, all signatures of men who had lived in Hamilton County. But it was decided the documents would be concealed from the public. Now, for the first time, the documents are available.

Good Bones

Jul 8, 2020

Mother-daughter duo Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E. Laine renovated their first home in 2007 with determination, patience, and a little help from YouTube. A few years later, they founded Two Chicks and a Hammer, an Indianapolis-based home renovation company. Then HGTV came knocking. And today “Good Bones,” a TV show that chronicles each of their home transformations, is airing its fifth season.

Paddling in Indiana

Jul 7, 2020

Indiana has countless rivers, streams, and creeks waiting to be explored. To help, the Department of Natural Resources has released an interactive paddling map that shows public access locations, water levels, and hazards like low-head dams.

The Amani Connection

Jul 6, 2020

In 2003, a pastor from Evansville and a grad student from Africa had a chance meeting that led to the creation of a learning center in Kenya, impacting thousands. We talk with the two people who had that meeting 17 years ago, and find out what it took to make the Amani Learning Center happen.

The History And Impact Of The ADA

Jul 2, 2020

The Americans with Disabilities Act, designed to prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities, is turning 30 years old. The civil rights law has impacted millions, but getting it passed wasn’t easy. 

Birding Beyond The Backyard

Jul 1, 2020

Watching bird feeders has become a popular activity during the Covid-19 pandemic. But if you’re bored with the usual backyard visitors, the house finches, mourning doves, and robins, there’s a lot more of the birding world to explore.