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Work-share programs help businesses avoid layoffs, especially during economically difficult times. But Indiana is not among the nearly 30 states that have it, and Governor Holcomb’s administration is taking heat for not taking advantage of a chance for the federal government to help.

Local Chefs Answer Your Quarantine Cooking Questions

May 20, 2020

More time at home has given some people the chance to rediscover their kitchens and explore their culinary potential. Are you struggling to use what’s left in the pantry? One local chef says scarcity can unleash your untapped creativity.

‘Doctor Rock’ Pioneers Career In Music History

May 19, 2020

Glenn Gass has had a legendary career in rock 'n' roll. Not by selling out stadiums, but by filling up lecture halls. The Indiana University professor, known as “Doctor Rock,” created the first rock history course to be offered at the school. The class lasted decades, introducing over 60,000 students to the music that defined a generation.

How Service Providers Are Adapting

May 18, 2020


For groups that fight poverty and serve those with mental health issues, work didn’t stop when the pandemic hit. But it did get more complicated. Today we talk to service providers about how they’ve dealt with the pandemic and all its consequences.

The Friday Pitch-In

May 15, 2020


On this week's Friday Pitch-In we learn about utility companies seeking relief from the state, and get an update on Attorney General Curtis Hill.

How Are Faith Groups Making It Work?

May 14, 2020

Religious groups are allowed to reconvene in most parts of the state, but not all congregations are choosing to do it. Many are worried that relaxed rules for religious gatherings will lead to an increase in coronavirus cases. 

Indiana Landmarks: Rescued And Restored

May 13, 2020

Some of the best windows into Indiana’s rich history are the buildings that have stood for decades, even centuries, across the state. The nonprofit Indiana Landmarks works to preserve historically significant sites, from single-family homes to the enormous West Baden Springs Hotel in French Lick.


Most 2020 graduates didn't envision streaming commencement ceremonies and virtual proms, but communities across Indiana have found creative ways to celebrate their accomplishments. 

Tamika Catchings

May 11, 2020


Tamika Catchings has a long list of accomplishments from her lengthy career playing basketball for the Indiana Fever. But nowadays, when you hear people talk about Tamika Catchings, you’ll hear just as much praise for the work she’s doing off the court.

The Friday Pitch-In

May 8, 2020

Stage 2 of Gov. Holcomb’s plan to reopen the state went into effect this week. We catch up on the details behind the plan, and find out why the governor is calling Indiana’s religious services a “test or control group.” 

Indiana’s Plan To Reopen

May 7, 2020

Today we talk about the recently announced road map to reopen Indiana.

How Is The Pandemic Changing Indiana's Elections?

May 5, 2020

Indiana’s primary was postponed to June 2 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And the ways in which Hoosiers can vote changed too. We talk to Indiana's Secretary of State about the extension of vote-by-mail, and what safety measures will be taken at the polls. 

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4, 2020

Indiana's teachers have been forced to adapt to incredibly challenging circumstances throughout the pandemic.

The Friday Pitch-In

May 1, 2020

The governor will announce details today on Indiana's plans to slowly roll back its stay-at-home order. We'll kick off this week's Friday Pitch-In with an update on the pandemic.

Are We Ready To Reopen?

Apr 30, 2020

Indiana’s stay-at-home order will begin its slow roll back on Friday. There are widespread concerns that many essential workers are already in dangerous situations. What will it mean to bring even more workers into these places? Can we keep them safe?

How Local Musicians Are Getting By

Apr 29, 2020

Local musicians are taking a major hit without live audiences and regular gigs. How has the pandemic affected their daily life, their income, and their creativity?

The History Of Pandemics

Apr 28, 2020

The coronavirus is new to us, but the massive impact plagues and pandemics can have on our society is not. Today we explore the history of pandemics with experts in history and the humanities. What can we learn from pandemics of the past? How much can modern medicine and technology help us, and in what ways are we still vulnerable?

The Friday Pitch-In

Apr 24, 2020


Gov. Eric Holcomb’s stay-at-home order was extended this week. We talk about changes made to the order, including a relaxed restriction on elective surgeries. And the state superintendent says students may continue e-learning through part of the summer.

Are We Making Progress Against COVID-19?

Apr 22, 2020

Governor Eric Holcomb’s “Stay-At-Home” order has been in effect for four weeks now. What progress has been made against COVID-19, and what will life look like in the next four weeks? 

Agronomist Norman Borlaug led a “Green Revolution” of agriculture programs estimated to have saved one billion lives. But some argue those efforts came with unintended consequences.

Helping People With Special Needs

Apr 20, 2020

Today we talk about how the pandemic is affecting kids and adults with special needs, and how the people who take care of them are learning and adapting to make things better.

The Friday Pitch-In

Apr 17, 2020

State officials say they feel “cautiously optimistic” about the results of Indiana’s response to the coronavirus so far. We talk about why that is, and how Gov. Holcomb’s stay-at-home order might change in the coming weeks.

COVID-19 And Indiana’s Prisons

Apr 16, 2020

COVID-19 spreads most easily when people are in close proximity. But for more than 26,000 inmates housed in Indiana's prisons, close proximity to other people is a part of life. State officials say they're working to prevent the virus from spreading in prisons, but some say it isn’t happening. 

Upgrade Your Garden: The Power of Native Plants

Apr 15, 2020

Spring gardening is underway, and native plants are king. Today a panel of experts on native and invasive species answer your gardening questions, and give tips for growing native plants. And what about invasive species? Are you concerned you might have invasive plants on your property? We find out how to identify and eradicate them.

Navigating Loss During A Pandemic

Apr 14, 2020

To lose a loved one during the coronavirus pandemic means having to say goodbye under circumstances most of us never would have imagined.

COVID-19 And The Black Community

Apr 13, 2020

A panel of artists, advocates, and neighborhood organizers join us to talk about some of the unique challenges facing the black community during the COVID-19 pandemic, like access to health care, nutritious food, and good information. We also talk to an expert from the diversity department at Indiana University School of Medicine about what can be done to address these disparities.

The Friday Pitch-In

Apr 10, 2020

This week's Friday Pitch-In kicks off with the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. We talk about why Indiana is behind on COVID-19 testing, and what changes Gov. Holcomb made to the “stay-at-home” order this week.

A Century of Votes for Women (Repeat)

Apr 9, 2020

Indiana recently marked 100 years since its ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. There have always been perceptions about how women vote. But are they true? We talk about it with the authors of a new book on the topic, “A Century of Votes for Women.”

It’s spring, it’s warming up, the birds are singing … but what kind of bird is that? Can you tell just by the song? Today we welcome bird experts and enthusiasts from the Indiana Audubon Society to share tips and tricks on attracting and identifying all kinds of Indiana birds.

The media has been deemed an essential business, but it doesn’t mean the industry is immune from economic fallout. When newsrooms are faced with shrinking staffs, what does that mean for news coverage? And what are the consequences?