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NAPPANEE, Ind. (AP) — Residents who live in the shadow of a northern Indiana soybean plant are appealing to officials and the owner for changes to eliminate odors, noise and dust residue.

Brian and Judy Spicher have children with special needs in their Goshen home. They say the residue settles on their property, including outdoor play equipment. They and another neighbor, Ashley Lent, say the previous feed mill, owned by ADM/Supersweet, did not create similar problems.

Goshen Seeks To Reach Environmentally Conscious Goals

Apr 24, 2019
Logo, City of Goshen, Indiana

GOSHEN, Ind. (AP) — Goshen is voicing a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency and boosting the use of renewable energy.

City Of Goshen Addressing Homeless Encampment

Apr 23, 2019
City of Goshen, Indiana

A taskforce has been convened in Goshen to address a homeless encampment along the Millrace Trail.

The Goshen Police and Mayor’s office have received complaints about camping, fires and fighting in the area.

Company That Makes Stairs Expanding Operations In Goshen

Apr 1, 2019

GOSHEN, Ind. (AP) — A company that makes custom stairs, railing systems and stair components is expanding its operations in northern Indiana.

The state of Indiana announced today that Viewrail plans to invest more than $12 million to double its footprint in the state. The company, which has about 135 workers in Goshen, plans to add up to 200 more jobs there by 2023.

Goshen-based Viewrail engineers, manufactures, packs and ships all of its products from its facilities in Goshen and sells them online.

Elkhart Co. demonstrates new voting equipment

Feb 28, 2019

ELKHART COUNTY - Tonight (Feb. 28) the Elkhart County Clerk's Office will hold the first of four demonstrations of new voting equipment that will be used by the county's voters in the May primaries.  The new machines provide a paper trail for votes.  The county moved $1.8 million from the landfill fund to pay for the new machines. That money will be paid back with interest over the next five years. 

Here's when/where the demonstrations will be held:

Feb. 28 at 6pm - Goshen Public Library

Mar. 4 at 6:30pm - Elkhart Public Library

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  Four Goshen police officers face disciplinary action over a December 14th incident. A Goshen police officer pulled over a truck after he heard gunshots coming from it under and overpass on Elkhart Road. Driving the truck was Goshen Police Officer Brody Brown, who was intoxicated.

Brown pleaded guilty to the OWI and is facing criminal charges as laid out by a judge. In addition he was placed on unpaid administrative leave. He will be back at work on March 8.

No Charges Filed In Incident Involving Three Police Officers

Feb 22, 2019
Goshen Police Department


Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney Vicki Becker will file no criminal charges due to insufficient police response following a December incident involving three off-duty police officers, drinking and driving and gunshots.

On December 14 a Goshen police officer on traffic patrol heard gunshots on the Elkhart Road and County Road 17 overpass in Goshen. He followed a truck that came out from under the overpass and pulled it over.

Elkhart, Goshen Seek Artists For Storm Drains

Jan 3, 2019
City of Goshen


Elkhart and Goshen are asking for artists to paint their storm drains. The project is meant to draw attention to watershed issues.

Storm drains keep cities from flooding in storms. Runoff goes straight from the streets into local waterways.

Joe Foy is the Stormwater Manager in Elkhart.

“The whole point of our project is to do a community outreach through art to remind people of what goes on the street or down the drain doesn’t come to our treatment plant but goes to our rivers and streams.”

Goshen Surpasses Fundraising Goal For Inclusive Playground

Dec 3, 2018
City of Goshen/Patronicity


The city of Goshen has surpassed a $50,000 fundraising goal for a new inclusive playground.

The city will continue to raise funds on Patronicity until the December 11th deadline. The additional funds will be used to upgrade certain pieces or add more equipment.

The $400,000 project is also funded in part by a state grant.

Goshen Funds Design Work For Wastewater Upgrades

Sep 18, 2018


The Goshen board of works approved funding yesterday for design work on upgrades for the city’s wastewater plant.

The one point four million dollars to Donahue and Associates will be used to design the upgrades to the plant. They will then be submitted for approval to the state department of environmental management. Then a request for bids on the work will go out.

Goshen Council To Consider Smoking, Vaping Ban

Aug 21, 2018


Goshen City Council will vote tonight on an ordinance that would put stricter regulations on where in the city people can smoke and vape.

The ordinance would add e-cigarettes to the current smoking ban, increase the distance from public entrances where people can smoke and vape and add outdoor dining areas and public parks to the ban.

City Council member Julia Gautsche said she thinks the ordinance will ultimately pass.

Goshen Middle School Adding Bicycle Class This Fall

Jul 11, 2018


This fall some middle schoolers in Goshen will be using bicycles to learn work ethic, problem solving and STEM concepts in a new program.

The program is meant for kids who don’t do well in traditional classrooms. Kids that need a more hands on approach.

Goshen Middle School has partnered with the Chain Reaction Bicycle Program. A bike repair and sales non-profit that focuses on promoting bicycling particularly to those in lower income brackets.

Goshen Bridges open for walking event

May 7, 2018


On Wednesday Goshen residents will be able to walk over and explore three newly built overpass bridges before they open to vehicle traffic.

The bridges will allow traffic in Goshen to flow better around the myriad train crossings. They go over the Marion Line, the big four railroad tracks and Lincoln Avenue.

The walk was the brainchild of Goshen resident Brent Rheinheimer who brought the idea to Mayor Jeremy Stutsman.

Goshen residents combat flood

Feb 21, 2018
Water covers a road near mobile homes sitting in water
Jennifer Weingart


Rivers and streams around Michiana continue to overflow their banks following rapid snow melt and heavy rain. Some residents have been evacuated and others are filling and placing sandbags to try to save property.


A state of emergency over the flooding was declared in Goshen late Tuesday.


Roads are closed in Elkhart, St. Joseph and Berrien Counties. Some schools are closed for a flood day.

Rivers Continue to rise, mayors warn of water dangers

Feb 21, 2018
Lime Bike in water in howard park
Jennifer Weingart


  Some schools and roads around the area are closed as rivers continue to rise. About five or six inches of rain in the last 48 hours has put area waterways above flood stage and flooded roads, homes and businesses. Rain is not predicted for Wednesday but could fall again along with snow on Thursday and Friday.

CoreCivic to Withdraw Detention Center Plans

Jan 22, 2018
Coalition Against the Elkhart Immigration Detention Center / Facebook

The private company CoreCivic today announced it will formally withdraw plans to build a multimillion dollar detention center just south of Elkhart.

Elkhart County Commissioner Mike Yoder said company representatives called to let him know about the change in plans late this morning.



Leaders of the Greater Elkhart and Goshen chambers of commerce are among the signatories of a letter released yesterday  that opposes  building an immigration detention center south of Elkhart.


Barbara Anguiano / WVPE


The Goshen School Board voted today to propose a referendum aiming to address overcrowding issues in the district. They board will also propose an operational referendum with a primary focus on teacher salaries. Both referendums will be on the May 8th primary ballots for residents of the school district.

The plan being pursued now includes building a new intermediate school to house fifth and sixth grades, as well as adding additional classrooms to Goshen High School and renovating parts of the existing middle school.

Goshen Introduces Resident ID Plan

Nov 13, 2017


Goshen’s Center for Healing & Hope, or CHH, encourages city residents to apply for resident identification cards. The organization will begin application meetings  for the cards December first.

The aim of the Goshen Resident ID cards, or GRID cards, is to help all residents of the city have a proper form of identification.

Bethany Christian graduate kidnapped in the Congo

Mar 17, 2017

A 2001 graduate of Bethany Christian Schools was among six people kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of the Congo earlier this week.

“MJ was a delightful young man,” Jim Buller, the guidance counselor at Bethany Christian said. “Very bright, intelligent. Sometimes mischievous with his intelligence.”

Jon Helmuth

What happens when you decide to film a motorcycle trip across America with an old friend who is losing his eyesight? Jon Helmuth’s film, The Flying Dutchmen, was featured earlier this year at the River Bend Film Festival in Goshen. It will soon be released on DVD and there are a few more local screenings coming up. WVPE’s Tony Krabill spoke with Jon about the film and what prompted the decision to take the trip with his friend, Daryl.

Upcoming screening:


Goshen hosts the River Bend Film Festival March 31 through April 2. The festival is showing both short and feature length films and provides opportunities to meet and speak with some of the actors, writers and directors.

WVPE's Michael Linville spoke with Carrie Lee Kendall, the entertainment coordinator for the festival.

Additional information on show times, locations and ticket costs and other festival activities is available at Riverbendfilmfest.com

It’s been one year since legislators created a new school funding formula. The new formula gives equal funding to all schools, but critics say that’s unfair, because schools with a lot of low incomes kids or students learning English need more money. The formula leaves Goshen Community Schools scrambling to save its English Learning program in light of the funding cuts.